038 – The Community Of Me

Megan Moses

Mixed Media and Acrylic Paint on canvas
90 x 90 cm

A multitude of selves resides within the person that I am
A microcosm of the macro cosmos
The community of me
A cacophony of voices, of opinions, wishes, fears
A chorus of contradictions, that have been with me for many years
Most of them are very ordinary, representing human nature in all its silly glory
Some of them are monsters, that whisper and tempt me to take the road to hell
A few are little children, still joyous and free
And there are other versions too, more painful, especially the me that despises me
A motley bunch, these selves of mine, pulling me this way and that
Exist in pairs of opposites and make me contradict myself
As I go about my business
They take turns on the inner stage
Flicker into existence, speak their lines, and then they fade away
They are all intimately familiar, these versions of myself
And maybe they would drive me crazy if it weren’t for my Self
That deeper, truer, constant part, my elemental Nature
The energy that animates me, that spark of god that gives me life
When i grow weary of the noise and confusion
And I cant decide who I’m meant to be
I gather up all the dissenting voices, the fragments of personality
My petty judgements, my secret dreams, my hate, my love, my will
Into a shining, sparkling heap that towers over me
I offer it to god, to do with it what he wants
Then, peace is restored and for a while, I am free
Until the next act begins in the theatre of me

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