039 – City Life (Not Alone but Lonely)

Megan Moses

Mixed Media and Acrylic Paint on canvas
76 x 50.5 cm

You would think that the desert

Where the earth is parched and raw
Where hot winds whistle through canyons made of stone, cut deep
Where dingoes howl into the night sky
Where lizards slither and scorpions sting
Where the only sign of life sometimes is the tumbling tumbleweeds
You would think that the desert
With no other soul in sight
Would be the loneliest place on earth

You would think that the city
Where the streets are straight and even
Where cool winds whistle through canyons made of brick, sky high
Where couples walk together and children race around
Where there is activity around every corner
Where music, voices, cars, sing the anthem of urban life
You would think that the city
With people, people everywhere
Would be the friendliest place on earth

But in the city, if you are different, not your average joe
If you live on life’s edges or have even gone beyond
If you look like you are crazy or you talk to yourself too much
If you find yourself in trouble, homeless, hungry, and lost
If drugs have changed you ‘til you don’t know who you are
Or alcohol has drowned you, one bottle at a time
If violence has shaped you so that fear rules your life
You become like that tumbleweed, tumbling around
Invisible to eyes that don’t want to see
And as lonely as anyone can be.

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