080 – The Morning After

Phillip Hunt

Poem – Ink on paper

The night before
it was all giggles and laughter
everyone was stoned
everyone was plastered
voluptuous women danced upon the rafters
confetti and coloured balloons
fall from the ceiling
the party had begun
everybody had found their special feeling.

The sweet smell of pot filled every room
the local undertaker handed out spoons
peyote – lysergic acid and magic mushrooms.

White lightning fresh from the stills
bowls – full of assorted pills
bongs – powders – broads and booze
uppers – downers – reds – whites and blues.

Widows take delight in their sinning
in the shadows
the Devil stands grinning.

The night before
it was all giggles and laughter
cobwebs now hang from the rafters
there has to be a morning after.

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