081 – Crossroads

Phillip Hunt

Poem – Ink on paper

Standing at the crossroads
staring into space
thinking about my future
in this uncertain human race

along came a shady lady
led me down a lonesome dirty track
I knew once she got the hooks in
it would be a long road back
Hounds started howling
darkness headed my way
if I don’t shake her off
I know I’m bound to pay
I started running
I’ve been running to this day.
Standing at the crossroads
in my old blue suede shoes
sign says no busking allowed
and the cops have a short fuse
I’m stuck in Redfern
with the Kings Cross blues
with chemicals running through my veins
madness nagging at my brain
I find myself in a hole
voodoo chants fill the air
black magic everywhere
I’m surrounded by demons and trolls
if I didn’t know better
I’d believe I’ve sold my soul.
Standing at the crossroads
as light fades away
gotta hitch a ride
‘cause the Devil’s on his way.

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