082 – DOOMED

Phillip Hunt

Poem – Ink on paper

We were doomed from the start
our disease ripped us apart
the chemicals we put in our veins
it was our destiny for a life of pain
I remember when our love was real
before the feel for cold steel
when we were high
our love could never die
when we were straight
it sealed our fate
we became strangers
in a world of hate
our love was an illusion
the drugs added to mix and confusion
wasted days
wasted years
we cried a river of tears
it’s hard to remember
if we were ever sincere

now I sit alone in a room
damaged from chemicals consumed

I think why go on
what’s the use
those liquid hand cuffs
can’t shake them loose

I dream of a future
that’s worth living
that future is now
and it’s so unforgiving.

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